Reforming the world

Reforming the world: the creation of America’s moral empire
Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2010.

Table of contents
Part 1. Networks of empire
ch. 1. Webs of communication
ch. 2. Missionary lives, transnational networks : the Misses Margaret and Mary Leitch
Part 2. Origins of American empire
ch. 3. The missionary impulse
ch. 4. The matrix of moral reform
ch. 5. Blood, souls, and power : American humanitarianism abroad in the 1890s
Part 3. The challenge of American colonialism
ch. 6. Reforming colonialism
ch. 7. Opium and the fashioning of the American moral empire
ch. 8. Ida Wells and others : radical protest and the networks of American expansion
Part 4. The era of World War I and the Wilsonian new world order
ch. 9. States of faith : missions and morality in government
ch. 10. To make a dry world : the new world order of prohibition
Conclusion: The judgments of heaven : change and continuity in moral reform

2 responses to “Reforming the world

  1. I was just curious to know if this work will have any information dealing with a Jessie A. Ackermann? I am aware that Professor Tyrrell has written an encyclopedia entry on Ackermann, and this work seems to correspond to Ackermann’s social activities during her lifetime.

    This work seems very interesting, nonetheless.

    • Yes there there are some references to her in it, but not as much as in Woman’s World/Woman’s Empire, to which I refer you if you haven’t seen that book.
      The new book deals with a variety of American reform/missionary connections with other countries.

      I should add that among individuals dealt with at length are John Mott (Student Volunteers and YMCA), Bishop Charles Henry Brent, Mary and Margaret Leitch, Wilbur Crafts (International Reform Bureau), Francis Clark (Christian Endeavor), Sherwood Eddy (YMCA), Ida Wells (Ida Wells-Barnett), Mercer Johnston (radical Episcopalian clergyman in the Philippines), and Alfred T. Mahan.

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