Ian Tyrrell’s Official Website

Ian Tyrrell is a Sydney-based historian.

Ian Tyrrell Portrait


8 responses to “Ian Tyrrell’s Official Website

  1. Hi Ian How are things with you? Just getting back about our family tree.We have made a group through Face Book for family information, photos etc.This is a private group which you are invited to join when you are a member/friend on Face book.Would love to keep up with you and what you may discover about family when you go to England. Face book is a good way to keep in touch.

  2. Dear Dr. Tyrrell, could you possibly please send me an email address so that my department may communicate with you? Thank you so much!

    Micol Seigel

  3. Hello Dr Tyrell
    I am a Phd student of Deakin University and I am interested in researching Bessie Lee Cowie or Bessie Lee Harrison. I really enjoyed reading ‘Woman’s Work, Woman’s Empire’. Are there private letters between Bessie Cowie and Katherine Bushnell or Anna Gordon? If so, I imagine they are WCTU files Evanston? Bessie Cowie appears to have a wealth of published material for me to study but I’m having trouble tracking down archival material. I hope you can help me.
    Regards Jenny Caligari
    PS would I be able to discuss Bessie Cowie with you?

    • Alison Belton

      Hi Jenny. Bessie Lee Harrison is my father’s great aunt- our family have some of her books and photographs from her time here in New Zealand.
      Alison Belton
      University of Otago

      • Hi Alison,
        Bessie is my great grandmothers sister, i have been doing our family history for many years would love to get in touch with you to maybe get copies of photos

  4. Hi Ian
    Did you see today’s NY Times — article about William Cronon’s blog ‘Scholar as Citizen’ and what’s become ‘the Cronon Affair’. Sure you’d be interested:
    March 29, 2011.

    Hope all going well, Adele

    • This attack on William Cronon, one of the United States’ most distinguished historians is despicable. But it’s not new. In the 1920s, legislatures, including Wisconsin’s, ferreted out information on allegedly unpatriotic textbook writing, before the ludicrousness of their campaign took the steam out of the issue. In the 1950s, the McCarthyite phase of anti-Communism went to such extremes that the Republican party’s more moderate leadership disowned the famous (or notorious) senator. Today, the Republican party as a whole seems to be a different creature. It’s hard to imagine Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt as a member.

      Cronon, we know, will survive. His work is first-rate and his reputation unassailable. That such an impeccable scholar is under scrutiny reflects the depths to which the current Republican party will sink. This push is largely for political advantage, though no doubt it’s also ideologically driven. But they’ve picked the wrong target in Cronon.

  5. Dear Ian,
    How are you? I’m putting together a session for next year’s ANZASA conference on the legacy of John Muir and Mary Austin. I thought you might have something to contribute to that. It would be lovely if you could. In any case, I hope to see you in Brisbane next year. Do you still go to ANZASA conferences? I’m going to be involved in this one as it’s at home.
    all the best,

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